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Why get Clear Bra Paint Protection Film installed?

When car buyers purchase that new dream car, little do some folks know that there is a product available that can preserve the new car look and feel as long as possible; at least on the outside. Paint protection film, or Clear Bra, is a clear protective film that will take the abuse and absorb impacts from stones and other road debris, and contributes greatly in preserving that showroom new appearance throughout your years of ownership.

Your car is one of your most valuable assets. By adding Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, you are 'protecting your investment' and also ensuring a higher resale value when it comes time to trade or sell your vehicle.

Having your new or used car covered in paint protection will maintain the finish, beauty, and value of your car by keeping all vulnerable exterior surfaces protected from the harsh road elements such as your hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, rocker panels, A-Pillars, roof, headlights and more. The rugged film protects your vehicles painted surface from Paint Chips caused by rocks, bugs, rain acid, tree sap, sand, road salt, and weathering. Clear Bra Paint Protection provides a wonderful appearance, a high gloss finish, is a clear alternative to bug guards, or vinyl/leather car bras that offer poor coverage and often cause as much damage as they prevent.


How is the kit applied to the surface of my vehicle?

The patterns are cut in house on our machines using specially designed software.  The kit is then peeled away from a paper backing and transferred to your car. The kit is moved into position using a solution and then the solution is squeegeed away so the kit adheres to the vehicle's surface.


How long should I wait to get Paint Protection applied to my vehicle if it has just been repainted?

We recommend to let the paint cure for at least 15-30 days prior to installing paint protection film.  Gases from the paint need to escape fully before being trapped between the surface of the vehicle and the paint protection film.  If not fully cured, then as a result over time the film can discolor from the inside out, and or the adhesive on the film can fail from the paint gases.

Please also talk to your body shop and see what they recommend. The time will vary depending on the paint system the body shop used.


Will the paint protection harm my painted surface if the film ever needs to be removed?

As long as the film is properly applied to a fully cured painted vehicle then it can usually be removed in one piece without causing damage to the painted surface of the vehicle.  If damage were to ever occur, we are not held responsible.


Is the application of the film permanent?

This is one of the benefits of paint protection film.  It is not a permanent application, but will require professional removal.  There are spray on permanent applications, which if not applied properly, would need to be sanded off and require repainting of your vehicle.


Does the product come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a 10 yr manufactures warranty with the film.


How long does it take to complete an installation?

Typically a full days of work, plus curing time before final inspection / review.  However, the amount of coverage, and level of installation difficulty will affect the installation time, so the process could be shorter or longer depending.  We do not rush the job, we take the time and care needed to have a great outcome.  We also hold the car until the next day before pickup.  Final inspection / review takes place on this day.  This allows a higher guarantee of having no issues down the road.


Where does the installation take place?

We have a very clean and properly setup environment that includes wonderful lighting and space to complete the job correctly with expected results.  We are fully setup in house at our location.  We can not guarantee a clean install without visual issues, such as dirt, dust, etc...if installation were to take place at your private location.


Will the paint protection film resist yellowing in color?

Yes, the film is constructed and made up of layers that contain UV inhibitors that resist harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause yellowing from the baking sun. There is also a true automotive clear coat that is sprayed onto the top surface of the XPEL Ultimate Film which will resist staining as well.  Other films are known to stain or turn dull in appearance due to picking up contaminants and other elements from the road that causes the film to yellow over time.  Oils from rain water, tar, hard water stains, and bug acids are all big causes of yellowing as well. XPEL Ultimate film has been tested to withstand brake fluid, permanent marker, smeared transmission oil, and also self heal from scratches.  What other film can do this?


How is the film maintained?  

Please click on the "Care" link.


Can the film be waxed?

Yes, the film can be waxed without any issues.  However, please do not use products that contain "petroleum distillates".  If so, you should see "contains petroleum distillates" on the back of the wax bottle or container.


Will Opti-Coat, cQuartz, Ceramic Pro, or any other paint coating cause issues if applied on top of the film?

Sealants such as these will not hurt the film or interfere with our Ultimate paint protection film's self healing properties.


Can/should any of the coatings above be applied to the car before the film is installed?

In our experience we DO NOT RECOMMEND applying sealants such as these to the parts of the car that will be covered with film. The low surface energy of these high end paint sealant products will cause adhesion problems both during installation and over the life of the paint protection film product. In addition, it is worth noting that there is really no benefit to applying a sealant to the paint before the film anyway.  Since the film would cover the coating, the coating would be useless at this point.


What is the price for the film and installation?

This depends on the size of the vehicle, installation difficulty, amount of film required, and how much coverage is applied.  The most popular areas of coverage are hood, fenders, mirrors, front bumper, headlights and fog lights.  The longer and wider the vehicle, or the more coverage you want, the more film will need to be used.  This will naturally increase the cost. Other popular areas are, door edge guards, rear luggage loading area(s), A-Pillar / Partial Roof, door cups, and rear splash guards.  Please contact us today for a quote.


Why are your prices slightly higher than other installers?

Simply put, "You Get What You Pay For".  We do not price match, nor are we affected by others that charge less.  Our installation experience, products used, and the outcome of our work combined all reflect this.  Other installers or businesses frequently use cheaper film claiming that there film will not stain, or is the best on the market...or, they simply are not as experienced which allows for lower prices because expectations are not met.  Other installed kits by our competitors provide far less coverage or use other patterns that do not line up properly or are not as accurate.  We have been installing since 2005, our record proves we're the best.  This is our specialty.  Please be cautious with lower prices on the market.  Again, "You Get What You Pay For".

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