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Prestige Auto Armor - Things To Know


Please remember that this is Paint Protection, not Paint Perfection!

Does this mean that Prestige Auto Armor does not take the utmost care in making your clear bra as invisible as possible?

  • Not at all. It is what "our" reputation is based on & that for which we are most proud!  However, just like a beautiful sparkling diamond, if you examine it close enough for imperfections, you will most likely find them.  There may be minute flaws in the film, a spec of dust or fuzz that found its way in, flaws in the paint that you didn't notice previously, or limitations with installation due to pattern design(s).  We have, on many occasions during installation, removed the flawed or contaminated film and started over, but it still does not mean that any installation will be absolutely perfect. We are sure you will appreciate our high attention to detail and we, in turn, appreciate your reasonableness.


Please have your car as clean as possible before arriving for installation!

  • Unless we are also providing a detail service, out of respect and courtesy please wash your vehicle before arriving.  This gives you a good up close and personal visual of being able to notice any paint chips, dings, dents, scrapes, or damage that can be pointed out to us when you arrive so that we may take note of these.  If your vehicle is absolutely filthy when you arrive, there will be an up charge for the extensive time and attention required which can be physically exhausting. We understand that your vehicle will pick up dirt while driving to our shop so we will do the proper prep and final cleaning that is required.  This includes a hand wash and clay bar of the areas to which the film is being applied before installing the film.  However, common courtesy on your part is greatly appreciated.




  • If we are providing the detail / cleaning / polishing service for you, then it is our responsibility to take care of this.  If we are not, then please make sure the job is fully completed before arriving.


Detailing as a service:

  • If you like, we can detail your vehicle for an added service.  This includes a hand wash, clay bar, polish, interior, engine bay, wheels / tires, wheel wells and windows. Pricing is dependent upon the time required and the requested level of detailing service.


Please do not wax or coat your car between now and the appointment: 

  • You can wax right over the film and paint after installation, but doing so prior to installation makes it more time consuming for the film to properly adhere directly to the paint.  If you are having your vehicle professionally detailed beforehand, hold off on the wax or coating job and have this completed after the PPF film is applied.  We can also do this after film installation if desired for an added on service.


Please closely examine the areas that will be protected for any existing rock chips or issues with the paint:

  • If these need corrected before applying the film, please do so.  If there are just a few chips that need touched up, please provide touch up paint so they can be filled in before installing the film.  If there are many chips that need touching up, we cannot spend half of your appointment time doing this.  If we find an excessive amount of paint chips, the cost of your installation will increase, so we recommend you take care of this yourself.  If touch up paint isn't applied to the chipped areas before the install, then after the installation it will be too late to touch up these areas.


If your car has recently been repainted:

  • Please note that it is recommended to let the paint cure for a minimum of 30 days prior to installing paint protection film.  Gases from the paint need to escape fully before being trapped between the surface of the vehicle and the paint protection film.  As a result, if the paint is not fully cured, over time, the film may discolor or the adhesive on the film may fail.  During or after the installation, if the clearbra film would need to be removed for any reason and paint or clear coat lifts from the vehicle's surface, under no circumstances will we be held responsible and the warranty of the product and installation will be voided on the affected area(s).


Try to avoid:

  • Between now and your installation appointment, in order to reduce the likelihood of acquiring more chips in your paint, please avoid highway driving, aggressive driving, and tailgating to minimize the risk of stone chip damage.


After installation:

  • It is highly recommended your vehicle not be driven for at least 12 hours after the installation process.  Please make sure that you can avoid driving the vehicle until 12 hours have passed.  Do not wash or wax the vehicle until after 48 hrs have passed.  Do not press down on any moisture bubbles, as this will interrupt curing.  Proper curing has to occur and any surface agitation or interruption from hand pressure can disrupt this process.  Usually the vehicle is kept overnight after installation, at our facility.  Therefore at the time of pickup, the 12-hour period has passed and the vehicle is safe to drive.


Keep your car out of the sun:

  • After the installation occurs, please keep your car in a garage, or shaded area for the curing process to fully complete. Keeping the surface of the vehicle cool is best.  Since we install the film using an installation gel, this is highly recommended.  If the gel underneath the film gets too hot before it dries out, it could result in small bubbles that may, or may not, go away.  Some installers use typical soap and isopropyl alchol, for installations. When using soap and iso keeping your car in the sun is OK, but since we are using a gel, your vehicle must be kept cool.
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