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CERAMIC PRO is the most complete and durable protective coating system in the automotive industry.  This is NOT a claim, it is a fact!  It has been verified by the worlds leading independent testing service SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.  We as well as our numerous clients are continually amazed by the outstanding performance of the suite of CERAMIC PRO products!  Nothing speaks more loudly than clients that repeatedly call to have additional vehicles paint corrected and coated because they have experienced the incredible performance they provide.  We have always provided top quality products and services but the demand for this product and level of service is unprecedented.  Let us introduce you to world of CERAMIC PRO!



ceramic icon3 300x300CERAMIC PRO 9H is a single to multi-layered coating that transforms the surface of you vehicle into a Highly Reflective, Extremely Hard, Hydrophobic, Scratch Resistant, Chemical Resistant, UV Resistant, Thermally Resistant Surface with Anti-Grafitti Properties.  Hardness and scratch resilience increases with the number of coatings applied.

9H forms a permanent bond to the paint work and will not wash away or break down.  9H can only be removed by abrasion making it a highly durable protective coating to protect your paint work. The coating should be considered the sacrificial layer of material between your original paint and the elements.  The unique formulation of 9H has enabled it to be multi-layered.  This is the main advantage of Ceramic Pro over other coatings on the market.  The more coats you apply, the greater the protection.

CERAMIC PRO LIGHT is a protective coating with a durability of up to 24 months that features a High Gloss Finish, Super Hydrophobic Effect, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and Anti-Grafitti Properties.

Both the Super Hydrophobic and Anti-Grafiti effect combined mean the surface coated with Light will stay cleaner for longer as dirt and grime will not stick to the surface and the super hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll of the surface with any dirt and grime.

The unique formulation of Light enables it to be layered up to 2 times for even more gloss and protection, for best results Ceramic Pro Light can be applied over Ceramic Pro 9H to increase gloss and super hydrophobic effect.

CERAMIC PRO SPORT is a maintenance coating for Ceramic Pro 9H, the unique formulation of Sport is designed to restore the super-hydrophobic effect of 9H if compromised, the Sport maintenance coating is also suitable if hard water is an issue which can cause water spots, after the vehicle has been washed Sport is applied to the drying towl and wiped on the panel whilst drying, adding even further hydrophobic effect and reducing any possibility of water spotting from hard water or rain water.



CERAMIC PRO WHEEL & CALIPER is a coating specifically designed to protect the part of your vehicle that encounters the harshest driving environment.  Brake particles can reach temperatures as high as 800 degrees F and penetrate the surface of your wheel, almost creating a permanent bond.  The same particles can attach to the finish of your brake calipers making their appearance degrade drastically over time.  CERAMIC PRO WHEEL & CALIPER eliminates this effect and virtually keeps your wheels and calipers factory new. It offers the same benefits to wheels and calipers that 9H offers the paint work but one quality stands out.  It has a temperature resistance of 1890 degrees F eliminating hot brake particles and hot tar from adhering to or penetrating the surface.  Imagine cleaning your wheels with little or no chemicals?



CERAMIC PRO RAIN is a coating specifically designed for glass with excellect durability without affecting the motion of the front wiper blades, the super hydrophobic effect of the coating means water will simply bead up and run off the glass whilst you are driving.

Unprotected glass can be a hazard in the rain as water can stick and sheet over the windows decreasing visibility and become a safety hazard, by having Ceramic Pro Rain on all windows this will increase visibility by repelling water and allowing it to bead up and roll straight off the glass, this will also keep the glass cleaner for longer as dirt and grime will no longer stick.



CERAMIC PRO LEATHER is a true protective coating for all leather surfaces. Leather surfaces coating with Ceramic Pro Leather will stay cleaner for longer reducing dirt and grime from becoming ingrained in the leather substrate.

The Leather coating also features a super hydrophobic effect so that any liquid spills will simply bead up on the surface and can be easily wiped away without affected the leather substrate. The UV Resistance of the coating will help reduce the ageing of the leather from uv damage and keep the leather soft whilst still keeping the factory look and feel.

CERAMIC PRO PLASTIC is a unique coating for plastic and rubber surfaces, suitable for both interior and exterior use. Plastic and rubber surfaces coated with Ceramic Pro Plastic will feature a super hydrophobic effect with excellent wear resistance.

The coating will add a moderate sheen to the substrate making it a great permanent dressing for both exterior and interior plastics wether they are new or need restoring.

CERAMIC PRO TEXTILE comes from the high-tech industry of the photoelectron semiconductor assembly which is reliable and an inorganic compound. Ceramic Pro Textile dramatically reduces the surface energy of textile or suede, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off whilt keeping the textile substrate completely dry. This enables the fabric, suede and tissue surface to be free from the water/dust and all other liquids, without affecting the look or feel.


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